Orlando Alimony Modification Attorney: Protecting Your Financial Future

After a Florida divorce, life becomes an ever-evolving landscape of legal, financial, and logistical challenges. When circumstances change in ways that significantly affect the ability to meet obligations or support dependents, you need the help of an Orlando spousal support modification attorney.  

At Resolute Divorce Law Firm, we've seen our fair share of life-altering changes and understand the emotional and financial toll they take. That's why our team works diligently to help clients secure alimony modifications that meet their needs and protect their best interests.

Why Choose Our Spousal Support Modification Attorneys? 

Our experienced legal team stays up-to-date with Florida's constantly changing alimony laws to give our clients the most accurate and current advice possible. 

However, we don't stop at comprehensive legal representation for a former spouse receiving or paying alimony. 

Our Orlando alimony modification lawyers take a compassionate, personalized approach to every case. By making your goals and concerns our priorities, you can trust that we'll be your strongest modification request advocates in and out of court. 

You deserve fair and equitable treatment in all divorce proceedings, including alimony modifications. Trust Resolute Divorce Law attorneys to help.

Can I Modify Spousal Support Payments in Orlando, FL?

Florida statute §61.14 outlines the circumstances under which a court can modify support payments. 

Depending on the type of alimony awarded in a divorce order, one parent could apply for support modifications if any of the following situations apply:

  • Significant Change in Income. Either party experiencing an unanticipated, involuntary, permanent, and/or material change in income may qualify for a support modification.
  • Loss of Employment. Involuntary job loss or inability to remain employed at the same income level.
  • Retirement. Either party's retirement, especially if it is the average retirement age or medically necessary.
  • Remarriage or Cohabitation. The recipient remarries or enters into a supportive relationship, cohabiting with another person who contributes to their support.
  • Health Issues. Permanent disability, incapacitation, or other significant health issues affecting either party's ability to pay or need modified financial assistance.
  • Change in the Payor's Financial Obligations. The paying spouse may have new financial responsibilities, such as the birth of a child from a new relationship.
  • Change in the Recipient's Financial Needs. This includes unanticipated living expenses or long-term unemployment due to decreased skill demand.
  • Adjustments in Cost of Living. Significant changes in the cost of living affect either party's financial circumstances.

Every case is unique, and courts carefully review each situation's specific financial circumstances to determine whether a modification is justified. 

With the help of our skilled divorce attorneys in Orlando, you can present a strong case that effectively supports your need for alimony order modifications.

Orlando Alimony Modification Process

An alimony lawyer in Orlando is your best option for navigating the legal process of modifying an existing spousal support order. In general, here's what you can expect when working with our team:

  • Filing a Supplemental Petition. Initiate the process by filing a Supplemental Petition for Modification, detailing the substantial change in circumstances that justify the petition.
  • Service of Process. Legally serve the petition to the former spouse, ensuring they are formally notified of the request.
  • Financial Disclosures. Both parties must exchange financial information under rule 12.285, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedures, including current income, expenses, assets, and liabilities, to assess the need for modification.
  • Mediation. Before proceeding to trial, parties attend mediation, a process where a neutral third party helps them negotiate and potentially reach an agreement.
  • Trial. If mediation is unsuccessful, the case proceeds to trial. Both parties present their arguments and evidence before a judge decides on the petition.

The court will issue a new order reflecting any changes in alimony payments. 

Having an experienced Orlando alimony modification attorney by your side is essential to present the strongest case.

When Can't You Modify Alimony Payments in Orlando, FL?

Under Florida Statute §61.14, certain factors and situations generally do not justify modifying spousal support, including but not limited to:

  • Voluntary reduction in income
  • Temporary financial hardships
  • Normal life changes
  • Recipient's increase in expenses
  • Expected increase in either spouse's expenses
  • Self-inflicted financial woes
  • Minor ailments
  • Standard cost of living increases
  • Voluntary retirement before the average retirement age
  • Disagreement with the original order

With the help of our seasoned alimony attorneys, you can understand how these factors may affect your legal strategy, ensuring a strong argument to support your divorce modification request. 

Alimony Modifications and a Child Support Order: What You Need To Know

In Florida, alimony and child support modification are often intertwined. If one parent experiences a significant financial change requiring spousal support modification, those circumstances likely justify modifying child support. 

The court may modify alimony and child support orders in such cases.

Orlando post-judgment enforcement lawyers from Resolute Divorce Law Firm can help navigate the complexities of alimony and child support modifications. We understand these changes' significant impact on your financial stability and are committed to helping you secure a fair outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an Orlando alimony modification attorney?

An experienced attorney can help you present a strong case backed by evidence, protect your rights and interests, and navigate the legal complexities of modifying spousal support. They can also assist with potential issues involving child support and other related matters.

Does cohabitation automatically terminate alimony payments?

No, but it can be a valid reason to request a modification if the recipient receives financial support from their cohabitating partner.

How long do I have to wait before requesting an alimony modification?

You can request a modification at any time if you can prove a substantial change in financial circumstances, except when lump sum alimony is ordered, which cannot be modified. 

Trust a Resolute Divorce Law Support Modification Lawyer In Orlando

Changing circumstances after a divorce can affect your financial stability, and our Orlando modification attorneys are here to help you protect or modify alimony payments that reflect your current situation. 

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